National Defense & Military Industry

With the continued advancement of China’s comprehensive national power and robust technological development in the military and defense industry, businesses in this sector now shoulder a dual strategic task of helping develop the nation’s economy and safeguarding national security. As China’s military and defense industry grows, talents, technologies, and resources in this industry will continue shifting to serve civilian purposes, and non-military enterprises will become increasingly involved in the military industry. Such trends lead to the convergence and sharing of military and civilian resources, forming between the military and civilian companies a comprehensive and deeply integrated cooperation covering a multitude of sectors.

Our expert team of lawyers spread across multiple office locations are among the leading practitioners in this industry. Zhong Lun’s Chengdu office was among the first to be included in the Schedule of Legal Consulting Providers for Confidential Military Industry Business issued by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, and has obtained a Certificate of Registration as Meeting the Requirements of Security and Confidentiality of Confidential Military Industry Business, and has practitioners privy to confidential matters in relation to the military industry. We provide counseling services related to electronic information, new material, high-end tech equipment, technology transfer, and other fields to defense technology entities, military and civilian cooperation entities, and companies and other organizations in the military industry.

Scope of Services

Relevant Legislative Activities

  • Zhong Lun is the sole law firm invited by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense to participate in the drafting of the Nuclear Security Regulations, which comprises a legal and regulatory framework of laws, administrative regulations, department rules, and standards and guidelines

Capital Markets

  • Pre-IPO restructuring

  • Domestic IPOs

  • Company refinancing (including stocks, convertible bonds, and other financing instruments)

  • Company acquisitions, mergers, spinoffs, and material asset restructuring

  • Split and repurchase of shares

  • Designing management incentive plans, employee stock ownership plans, etc.