Bankruptcy-Insolvency & Reorganization

As one of the first law firms in China to practice bankruptcy, insolvency and reorganization laws, we have built over the years an outstanding team of legal professionals dedicated to this practice area. With an ideal blend of over 20 seasoned partners and nearly 100 associates based in different offices, our team is capable of providing efficient and professional services to our clients. We have been included in the rosters of administrators appointed by various courts, including Beijing High People’s Court, Shanghai High People’s Court, Guangdong High People’s Court, Zhejiang High People’s Court, Shandong High People’s Court, Sichuan High People’s Court, Hubei High People’s Court, Hainan High People’s Court, Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court, Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court, Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court and Chongqing No. 5 Intermediate People’s Court. We are also classified as Class I administrator by Shanghai High People’s Court, Guangdong High People’s Court, Shandong High People’s Court and Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court, all of which have adopted a class-based roster of administrators.

We have handled a great many high-profile bankruptcy cases as administrator, including reorganizations and pre-reorganizations of listed companies such as *ST Aurora, *ST Feima, *ST Deao, *ST Taibai, *ST Powerise, Fujian Nuoqi (H share) and Fuguiniao (H share); nationally-prominent liquidations of financial institutions, including Hantang Securities and Minfa Securities; and reorganizations of large businesses such as Huishan Dairy Group and 107 other related companies, Nanjing Construction Group and 24 other related companies, and Shandong Tranlin and 21 other related companies. The reorganizations of *ST Taibai and Fujian Anxi Tieguanyin Group Co., Ltd. were selected to be included among the first and second batch lists of the national “Top Ten Typical Representative Bankruptcy Cases” released by China’s Supreme People’s Court, and the reorganization of Huishan Dairy Group was awarded a 2020 Impact Deal/Case of the Year by asialaw.

We have also acted as legal counsel for strategic investors in a range of significant cases, of which examples are the reorganizations of HNA Group, Peking University Founder Group Co., Ltd., Dandong Port Group Co., Ltd., Qinghai Huaxin Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. and Maerdang hydropower station and Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., as well as listed companies, including *ST Fangke, *ST Hengkang, Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd., an A-share and H-share listed company, and *ST Shenji. Furthermore, our significant presence as legal counsel for debtor in the debt restructurings of mega-size group companies such as SanPower Group and Macrolink Group and the reorganizations of many listed companies such as *ST Unifull, *ST Shengrun, *ST Kejian and *ST Zhonghua has led to positive social effects.

Award-wise, we have been highly recommended by Chambers as a Band 1 bankruptcy and restructuring law firm for many years and garnered strong recognition in rankings released by asialaw Profiles, The Legal 500, China Business Law Journal and ALB, among others. In addition to a series of well-received articles, our team has also published a number of books in this area, including the Notes for Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, An Interpretation of People’s Courts’ Adjudication Rules in Enterprise Bankruptcy Cases, and the Exit and Rebirth of Distressed Businesses – A Study on Legal Practice in Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Reorganization.

Scope of Services

  • Serving as bankruptcy administrator or member of liquidation group as appointed by Chinese courts

  • Serving as temporary administrator in pre-reorganizations of debtors as appointed by Chinese courts to investigate debtors’ general situation, its assets and liabilities, and assisting debtors to consult with their investors, creditors, prospective investors and other interested parties and help the parties reach consensus on reorganization plans

  • Conducting investigations on matters relating to debt restructuring of distressed businesses, proposing related solutions and advising on out-of-court reorganization

  • Advising debtors, strategic investors, shareholders and creditors of and other interested parties to listed companies or non-listed businesses on their reorganization, settlement and debt restructuring

  • Representing creditors, debtors and other relevant parties in filing bankruptcy petitions against their debtors

  • Representing shareholders and creditors of companies in filing petitions for compulsory liquidation of the companies

  • Participating in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation proceedings as legal advisor for creditors, reclaimers and other rights holders

  • Assisting and supporting clients in cross-border bankruptcy matters

  • Participating in risk disposition of financial institutions as appointed by Chinese regulators or relevant parties

  • Other services relating to bankruptcy, insolvency and reorganization


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