Transportation & Logistics

The robust development of new transportation and logistics infrastructure has paved the way for China to become a transportation superpower and fueled vigorous economic growth. As China adopts its recent “dual circulation” strategy to develop both the “external circulation” of international trade and the more important “internal circulation” of the domestic economy, the construction of transportation and logistics infrastructure will be high on the Chinese government’s agenda to ensure unimpeded flows of goods and services. As a leading firm in the market, we are committed to providing all-round legal services to clients across the spectrum of the transportation and logistics industry, including providing legal expertise that is integrated seamlessly with our counseling specialties in manufacturing. We have also doubled our efforts to further improve our service capacities in logistics of cold chain, e-commerce, and aviation, and we stay abreast with the latest technological advances while offering support for and advice on transportation and logistics in the construction of information and smart traffic infrastructure, smart transportation services, application of big data in traffic, and smart transportation industry. Furthermore, as a firm advocating for international cooperation, we contribute to the Belt and Road initiative and offer services that make smoother the “go global” journey of Chinese investors.

We were among the first Chinese law firms to advise on business in transportation and logistics. As an industry leader, we are known for our keen insight into trends in legislation and policymaking and business models in the industry as well as our exceptional ability to identify risks in regulatory environment and transactions. Based on these specialties and by joining hands with our clients to innovate business models, we provide customized legal solutions. Our transportation and logistics team devotes a considerable amount of time to studying laws and regulations to deliver well-informed services. We are trustworthy to clients, including global leading private equity funds, large state-owned enterprises, large logistics and warehousing group companies, providers of international information technology infrastructure, airport groups, aviation and auto companies, financial institutions, and other large investment institutions. Drawing on our depth of experience and specialized expertise, our lawyers are well positioned to help global investors realize their investment goals in the vast landscape of high-end transportation and logistics.

Scope of Services

  • Full-process legal services spanning across investment, M&A, financing, development, construction, operation and asset securitization of logistics and warehousing projects

  • Full-process legal services spanning across investment, M&A, financing, development, construction, operation and asset securitization of information technology and other new types of infrastructure

  • Full-process legal services spanning across development, construction, operation, and property management of traffic hubs such as airports and ports

  • Ownership reform, listing, restructuring, M&A, and refinancing of transportation & logistics enterprises

  • Investment and financing, post-investment management and exit, and incorporation of private equity funds for transportation & logistics platforms; registration of private equity managers, etc.

  • Project proposal for construction and infrastructure projects; project contracting, tendering, contract drafting, contract performance and supervision of contract performance, completion inspection, acceptance and delivery, and final accounts settlement of construction projects; and designing of financing structures and tax planning for construction projects

  • Investigation of the legal environment of investment destination countries; due diligence, designing of transaction structures, and drafting of transaction documents for outbound investment and M&As; all-process legal services for overseas investment PPP projects; services relating to taking out political risk insurance for outbound investment; counseling on issues concerning government approval for outbound investment; and compliance counseling to Chinese companies for their overseas investment

  • Full-process legal services spanning across maritime tortious and commercial disputes, special maritime procedures, non-contentious matters, trade, etc.

  • Representation in transportation and logistics-related arbitration and litigation


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