Health-Safety and Environmental Protection

Zhong Lun boasts a highly professional team practicing in the area of health, safety and environmental protection. Our work has received glowing recommendations from Chambers and Partners legal rankings for many years in a row. Many of our partners are noted for their considerable expertise in Chinese laws, global perspective, diverse professional backgrounds and outstanding educational qualifications. In addition to comprehensive and one-stop legal services we offer to businesses in the Chinese mainland regarding both contentious and non-contentious issues in this area, we also help our clients comply with health, safety and environmental laws of overseas investment destinations, handle international civil and commercial cases involving health, safety and environmental issues and deal with environmental pollution and health and safety incidents in the global setting.

Our strength in this sector has gained us solid traction among our clients. We have served or are serving as legal counsel for quite a few ministries, commissions and other governmental departments of China, including the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province and Wuhan Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau, which has enriched us with a sound knowledge of Chinese environmental regulatory policies. At the same time, we have also provided retainer-based legal services to state-owned enterprises, multinationals and large private businesses for compliance issues concerning health, safety and environmental protection.

We have represented our clients in ecological and environmental private and public interest litigation cases, some of which were listed as among the “Top 10 National Civil and Administrative Cases of the Year” by the Supreme People’s Court or as among the typical representative ecological and environmental damage compensation cases in Hubei Province or were included in the judicial and administrative (legal service) case library of the Ministry of Justice. Our engagement in the whole process of government investigation into the March 21, 2019 chemical plant explosion in Xiangshui and negotiation on and litigation for entailed claims for compensation for ecological and environmental damage and related ecological restoration work are illustrative of our significant presence in dealing with environmental emergencies and safety accidents.

Boasting a market-leading position and an impressive record in the arena of health, safety and environmental protection, we will continue dedicating ourselves to providing our clients with efficient and quality services in this area.

Scope of Services

  • Environmental protection compliance of businesses in the Chinese mainland

  • Health and safety compliance of businesses in the Chinese mainland

  • International environmental compliance of businesses in their outbound investment

  • Due diligence on businesses regarding health, safety and environmental protection

  • Counseling on environmental information disclosure and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)

  • Investment under the ecology oriented development (EOD) model, green fund and green finance

  • Carbon emissions trading, carbon asset management and carbon finance

  • Contingency response to environmental and safety accidents

  • Pollution treatment and ecological restoration

  • Government’s ecological and environmental management and emergency management

  • Negotiation on and litigation for environmental private and public interest cases and claims for compensation for environmental damage

  • Administrative hearing, reconsideration and litigation regarding ecological and environmental management and emergency management

  • Administrative permission and government regulation regarding ecological and environmental management and emergency management

  • Criminal compliance and defense for crimes concerning environmental pollution and safety accidents


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