Agriculture & Food

China’s development strategies make it abundantly clear that now is a time of big health. As the 14th Five Year Plan puts emphasis on prioritizing agricultural and rural development, stepping up biosafety, and raising safety standards of foods, drugs, and other products and services that closely link to people’s livelihood, the agriculture and food industry is at the threshold of a great boom, and its effect will ripple through the global market and bring about innovation and evolvement of the entire industry.

As a leading full-service law firm in an entire gamut of industries, we have also maintained a solid level of activity in the agriculture and food sphere. Our well-honed capabilities help manufacturers, traders, and e-commerce platforms of agricultural and food products handle varied traditional and emerging issues, including allowance of foreign investment into the Chinese market, genetically modified food, food safety, environmental protection, safe production, supply chain management, advertising compliance, and intellectual property. Our presence is also as impressive as our service coverage. All our offices in China’s central and western regions and first-tier coastal cities boast deep benches and ability to offer bilingual services in Chinese and English.

In agriculture, our work reaches seeds, imported flowers, imported deciduous trees, greeneries, fruits, and other subsectors, and our clients include right holders, importers, breeders, distributors, and investors of new plant varieties, among other players in the market. In the food area, we act as legal counsel on a retainer basis for brand holders, importers, processors, distributors, and other participants in the food industry chain, covering various subsectors such as dietary supplements, snack foods, frozen foods, drinks, seasonings, raw food materials, catering, and food processing.

Scope of Services

  • Assistance in applying for grant of rights to new plant varieties

  • Licensing of rights to new plant varieties

  • Food safety compliance

  • Advertising and marketing compliance

  • Packaging design compliance

  • Establishment and review of compliance system

  • Compliance regulation

  • Anti-commercial bribery and response to internal and external investigations

  • Transfer of land use rights

  • Brand and trademark licensing

  • Protection of intellectual property

  • Resolution of disputes over intellectual property

  • Construction

  • M&As

  • Financing

  • Protection of consumers’ rights