• Jihong CHEN

    Equity Partner / Beijing

  • Tel +86-10-5957-2288

    Email chenjihong@zhonglun.com

  • Practices

    Cybersecurity & Data Protection, IP Licensing & Enforcement, Antitrust & Competition

  • Industries

    Financial Innovation & Fintech, Telecommunications & Internet, Information & Intelligence Technology


Jihong CHEN

Mr. Jihong Chen is a senior equity partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm. As one of the pioneers in the field of data compliance in China, he specializes in cybersecurity, data compliance, intellectual property protection, and TMT, among others. Having been practicing since 1996, Mr. Chen's inter-disciplinary education background in law and technology earned him "Band 1" titles and "Highly Recommended" honors in the field of TMT, intellectual property, and data protection from professional legal ranking institutions such as Chambers, ALB, LEGALBAND, and The Legal 500.
Having represented many MNCs and leading Chinese companies in numerous influential projects and cases, Mr. Chen stands out for his impressive depth and breadth of experience and remarkable expertise. Many of the cases he has handled have been selected into "Representative Cases of the Year".
Mr. Chen has published a good number of books and articles on legal practice and has also participated in seminars regarding cybersecurity, data protection, intellectual property, as well as relevant legislative consultations. His insights and research have been featured by Xinhua News, People’s Daily, and other major publications.

Representative Matters

  • Advised on Noah Holdings'secondary listing in Hong Kong

  • Represented Roxtec AB in a trademark infringement dispute over the trademark of Color Per Se and won the case

  • Advised Arm, a UK chip giant, on the establishment of a joint venture for Arm's semiconductor technology in China

Honors and Awards

Ten Best IP Lawyers, Beijing Bar Association, 2013

National IP Expert, SIPO, 2012

50 Best Chinese Lawyers, Corporate INTL Magazines. 2011

Memberships & Affiliations

National IP Strategy Expert, China National IPR Strategy Office, 2005 to present

National IP Expert, SIPO National IP Expert Pool, 2011 to present

Standing Executive Commissioner, Beijing Municipal IPR Protection Association

Chairman, Telecoms Law Committee, Beijing Lawyers Association, 2009 to present

Deputy Chairman and Secretary General, IT/High-Tech Committee, All China Lawyers Association, 2001 to present

General IP Counsel, National AVS Working Committee

IP Counsel, Beijing Municipal Key Industries IPR Alliance, 2007 to present

Deputy Chairman, e-Commerce Committee, Beijing Lawyers Association, 2002-2005

Mediator, China Writers Association, Copyright Dispute Mediation Center

General Counsel, China Linux Industry League

Member, All China Lawyers Association and Beijing Lawyers Association

Chairman, Technology and Big Data Law Committee, Beijing Lawyers Association

Standing Director, Cyber and Information Law Society, China Law Society

Co-Chairman, Asia-Pacific Region, Privacy-Rules

Committee Member, Data Security Committee, China Computer Industry Association

Committee Member, New Retailing and Livestreaming E-commerce Expert Committee, State Administration for Market Regulation Development Research Center

Member of Editorial Board, International Cybersecurity Law Review (ICLR)

Berkeley-Tsinghua Annual Forum, 2018 (attended with Mr. Bisheng Shi)


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“Commentary on Regulations for the Protection of CII Security”


  • Bar Admissions/Professional Qualifications

    PRC Bar

  • Education

    LL.M., Chicago-Kent College of Law, 2002
    Master, Tsinghua University, 1996
    Bachelor, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 1993

  • Professional Experience

    Partner, Zhong Lun Law Firm (Beijing), March 2008 to present
    Senior partner, partner, and associate, Chinese leading law firms, September 1996 - March 2008

  • Languages