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Jun HU

Before joining Zhong Lun Law Firm, Mr. Hu worked in leading international law firms including Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP and served as partner of leading Chinese law firms including King & Wood Mallesons and Fangda Partners. Mr. Hu has been practicing law for more than 20 years.

Mr. Hu's practice areas include merger and acquisition, private equity investment and financing, capital market, financial compliance and asset securitization, and cybersecurity and data compliance. Mr. Hu has rich experience in providing full-suite legal services for matters such as merger and acquisition, investment, listing structure set-up, restructuring, corporate governance (including financial compliance and data compliance), post-investment management and exit. Mr. Hu has counselled various leading enterprises and investment institutions, worked on hundreds of Chinese and international M&A and PE transactions and dozens of Chinese and international capital market mandates, and advised numerous corporations on financial compliance and cybersecurity and data compliance issues.

Representative Matters

Merger and Acquisition

  • Represented Microsoft in its acquisitions of certain business of Nokia

  • Represented Silver Lake Partners in its bidding for equities in Huawei-3Com, a joint venture set up by Huawei and 3Com

  • Represented Carlyle Group in its mergers and acquisitions of multiple Chinese enterprises of various industries, including but not limited to its proposed acquisition of equity interests in Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG), involving, among others, complicated asset reorganization, debt restructuring and securities law compliance issues

  • Represented Aluminum Corporation of China and Rio Tinto Group in their investments in Australia, including proposed replacement for related minerals and products

  • Represented SinoChem in multiple global asset purchases and investments, including bidding for PotashCorp of Canada (world’s largest fertilizer company), and acquisition of Southeast Asia oil ports and pipelines from large petroleum companies

  • Represented Yili Group in multiple overseas investments and acquisitions, including the leading dairy company DFA of the U.S. and Oceania Dairy of New Zealand

  • Represented Tencent in its establishment of a financial technology joint venture with CICC (the PRC No.1 financial technology subsidiary of a securities dealer)

  • Represented China Literature (HKEX: 00772), a subsidiary of Tencent, in its acquisition of New Classics Media

  • Represented Haisco Pharmaceutical Group in dozens of overseas investments and acquisitions (mainly in the area of medical instruments and new medicine) in Europe and the U.S., including Direct Flow Medical, PDL BIOPHARMA, INC., Medical Surgery Technologies Limited, Laminate Medical Technologies and NewPace Ltd.

  • Represented Johnson & Johnson in its acquisition projects in China

  • Represented Daimler Benz in its investment and cooperation projects in China and related brand placement in movies

  • Represented Chrysler in its investments and cooperation projects with leading Chinese automakers, as well as in a series of asset acquisition deals with a Chinese automaker

  • Provided legal services to Fiat, Ferrari and Maserati for their various projects concerning investments, joint ventures and dispute resolution

  • Represented Chongqing Liangjiang Aviation and Aerospace Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. in its proposed acquisition of Wanfeng Aviation

  • Represented Force Trading in its sale of equity interests in Comvita Hong Kong and Comvita China to Comvita New Zealand

  • Represented Pusheng Food in its joint acquisition of Yinlu Food with Boyu Capital (the seller is Nestle) and the subsequent merger

  • Represented a Chinese printing equipment manufacturer in the reorganization and acquisition of an Italian printing equipment manufacturer

  • Provided the Government of Huangdao District, Qingdao City with legal services such as preliminary structuring, contract drafting and negotiation for introducing a leading multinational company

  • Represented Goodyear in its joint venture project with a leading Chinese manufacturer and related financing/re-financings

  • Represented Bank of Nova Scotia in its equity investment in Xi’an City Commercial Bank, proposed investment in Guangzhou Bank, and joint venture and cooperation project with Bank of Beijing

  • Represented Goho AMC in its co-investment with other investors in acquiring a majority stake in Chang An Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • Represented JD Digits in its proposed acquisition of a leading financial services company

  • Represented a Hong Kong listed high-tech company in its acquisition of a U.S. chip manufacturing company

  • Represented Tsinghua University in the set-up of the Schwartzman College, a project initiated by Mr. Steve Schwartzman, the founder of Blackstone

  • Represented all shareholders of the sponsor company of a private vocational college in the sale of all their shares in the sponsor company

  • Represented a leading real estate agency platform in its acquisition of multiple real estate agencies 

Private Equity Investment

  • Represented Tencent in dozens of investment projects, with target companies including several leading biomedical and biopharmaceutical companies such as SCIWIND and Med Sci, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu APP, Dynarose, Fenbeitong, Trio.AI, Naxions, Yidu Cloud, Shenzhen Fumi, Gaosi Education and Damalu

  • Represented Yunfeng Capital in dozens of investments, including investments in ZKH, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Damai.cn, Xiaoman Technology (OKKI), Trustfort, Huakang Quanjing, YITU, Qiniu Cloud, xywy.com, Ergeng TV, Dazzling Star, Beijing Impression, Rosat (and related cooperation with Media Asia), Kuaikan Manhua and Davost; represented Yunfeng Capital in the pre-IPO restructuring project of Fenbi, and in selling the equities of a well-known short-term rental booking platform to Alibaba

  • Represented CICC in its equity investments in a leading household management enterprise, Beloved Pet Hospital, Botare, Feng E, Cloudwise, Lightelligence, Dingfu Intelligent, and Baoyun Group

  • Represented JD in its equity investments in Beijing Tourism Group Hui Lian Ltd., Zhihui Space, and MobData

  • Represented 58 Co., Ltd. in its equity investments in Reach Media, Tikin Media and Baletu

  • Represented National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund in its investments in Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) 

  • Corporation and Ninestar Corporation (formerly named APEXMIC 002180.SZ)

  • Represented E Fund in its proposed equity investments in a game software development company and a privacy computing company

  • Represented NICE in its equity investments in Beloved Pet Hospital and Weiming Shiguang

  • Represented Bohui-Tech, an A-share listed company, in its investments in Hebei Da’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Weilun Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., among others

  • Represented Government of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC) in several investments in China, including investment in Yidao Yongche and CT Environmental Group Limited

  • Represented Junzheng Group in its equity investment in Huatai Insurance

  • Represented FountainVest Partners in its investment in a leading e-sports company

  • Represented China Growth Capital in its investment in a SaaS company

Capital Markets

  • Represented Tencent in its privatization of Bitauto (NYSE: BITA) and Yixin (HKEX: 02858); assisted with the NYSE listing of Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME); represented Tencent in the pre-IPO restructuring of Linmon Media (HKEX: 09857), and in the pre-IPO financing and HKEX listing of Med Sci (HKEX: 02415)

  • Represented Huiyuan Juice (HKEX: 01886) in its asset and debt restructuring

  • Provided legal services to a leading Chinese real estate developer for its REITS issuance in Singapore

  • Represented National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund in its investment in Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 981), subscribing for 4,700,000,000 shares at HK$0.6593 per share

  • Represented CEC Group in the equity restructuring of Optics Valley (HKEX: 00798) held by the listed company BGI (HKEX: 00085), an affiliate of CEC

  • Advised on various U.S. IPOs and Hong Kong IPOs, including the IPOs of Jumei International (NYSE: JMEI), Tuniu Corporation (NASDAQ: TOUR) and Uni-President Group (HKEX: 00220)

  • Represented a top Chinese director’s team in its cooperation with Huanxi Media (HKEX: 01003), a Hong Kong listed company

Financial Compliance, Securitization and Data Compliance

  • Provided legal services of financial compliance and financial technology to Tencent and other Internet enterprises

  • Represented Alibaba and provided legal services for its first asset securitization project - Ali small loan asset securitization project

  • Represented several Chinese financial institutions and enterprises and provided legal services for multiple asset securitization projects, including the MBS project of China Construction Bank (the first batch of securitization projects in China), the network lease revenue securitization project of China Unicom, and the securitization project of receivables-backed beneficiary certificates of China Netcom, among others

  • Provided legal services of data compliance to several Internet enterprises and technology enterprises

  • Advised several enterprises on the intended declaration for cybersecurity examination and provided other legal services

  • Represented various investment funds and industry investors in due diligence and legal analyses on the cybersecurity and data compliance issues of the target enterprises

Memberships & Affiliations

Former Independent Director, Aeon Life Insurance Company, Ltd.

Former Independent Director, Huishang Bank

Member, Alumni Association and the Charity Committee of CKGSB


  • Education

    LL.M. and J.D., Duke University
    LL.B. and B.S., Peking University
    EMBA (17th intake) and DBA (1st Class), Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

  • Professional Experience

    Zhong Lun Law Firm
    Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
    Fangda Partners

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